What to Expect from a House Cleaner

Life is busy and most of us struggle to juggle housework with our family and work commitments. So when we decide to seek help from a professional cleaning business, we need to be sure that our home is going to be cleaned ‘just the way we like it’ and that we can trust our cleaner to be completely honest.

Here are some common questions that people tend to ask and things to look out for before choosing a cleaner.

How do I know what cleaning business to use?

Word of mouth is often the easiest way to source a cleaner however you can also go online and do a Google search. The key is to find a reputable cleaning company, with good customer feedback and that operates in your local area.

Their website will usually give you some good insights into who they are and what kind of cleaning service they offer. Most provide customer testimonials and have an FAQ section so it’s worth taking the time to check these out.

What does a house cleaner clean?

You can expect a professional cleaner to do the tasks you’d normally do every week or two, like vacuuming, dusting, wiping down surfaces and floors and cleaning the bathroom.

They don’t usually undertake things like cleaning windows or the stove unless you ask and usually these will incur additional charges.

Is it okay to ask my cleaner to do extra tasks?

The agreed regular tasks will usually be discussed and quoted when you first make an enquiry with the cleaning business and the cost will be dependent on what they include in the service.

However, if later on you need one off tasks done, then it’s best to ask your cleaner and they can let you know if there will be an additional charge before they get started.

Can I trust a cleaner with my valuable possessions?

A common issue for many people who are using a cleaning service for the first time, is whether they can trust their cleaner to respect their valuables.

A reputable cleaning business will do a background security check and go through a careful selection process before hiring someone to join the team.

However it’s a good idea to ask at the time of making the enquiry that these things have been done.

It’s also important to check that you’ll have the same cleaner each time so you can get to know them and feel confident that they are trustworthy and can be left to get on with the job without you having to be around.

What happens if I’m not happy with my cleaner?

Thankfully, most cleaning businesses welcome your feedback and will quickly address any issues. What’s important is to talk with your cleaner and let them know what you expect at the first visit. That way if things slip you can ask them to return, at no extra charge to you, to redo what wasn’t done properly the first time.

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