About Select Cleaning – House Cleaners Auckland Wide

First and foremost, at Select Cleaning we don’t believe in taking short cuts.

Select Cleaning was established in 2004 as a home cleaning specialist, aimed at providing a regular home cleaning service to a consistently high standard. We now have hundreds of delighted customers throughout Auckland. Our goal continues to be to offer a great service, every time. Nothing else will do.

Every one of our professional house cleaners has first passed our comprehensive training programme under the tuition of our Training Manager. The Select Cleaning training programme forms an integral part of our service to customers and we regard it as well worth the time and resources involved. There is no substitute for days of one-on-one individual training.

Equally importantly, every Select Cleaning owner-operator has been carefully screened. Understandably customers need peace of mind about who is in their home. We find that our customers love that they are guaranteed the same house cleaner every time. That way they know that their house key will not be passed “from pillar to post”. Instead their key will remain in just one safe pair of hands.

In addition, Select Cleaning takes the time to do an in-house quotation for each new customer. How else could we be sure to find out the specific requirements of each new client? To be frank, we don’t believe that online or telephone quoting is going to bring about the best outcome for our customers. There are really no effective short cuts. Instead, our face-to-face style of quoting gives you the opportunity to walk us through your home, so that we can make detailed note of your specific requirements, room by room. That way Select Cleaning gives you the house cleaning service you expect, and avoids any disappointment. We believe in proper customer service.

We keep our prices affordable by doing a personalised in-house quotation. Let us explain. You see, we formulate the price for each home based on exactly what we see, thereby completely eliminating the need to build “fat” into the price to cover unknown contingencies. For us there is no guesswork involved. We are confident that our in-house quotation will result in a very competitive price. It makes sense.

So no short cuts. Instead we offer a more traditional, personal approach in order to achieve the best outcome for our customers. We also focus solely on what we do best – providing  regular house cleaners Auckland wide, on either a weekly or fortnightly basis.