How to Clean Inside your Washing Machine

Most of us are busy people and certainly not looking for extra chores to do. Unfortunately though there comes a time when you realise that the inside of your washing machine will need to be cleaned.

This might seem odd since the machine has soapy water in it quite often. Bear in mind, however, that it also handles numerous loads of dirty washing.

Over time unpleasant odours can develop, tainting your “clean” washing. Much nicer to have a lovely fresh smell on your towels, clothes, and sheets ! Fortunately, eliminating the unpleasant odours in your washing machine is a relatively easy fix.

How you approach this task will depend on which type of washing machine you have. Both top loading and front loading machines are popular.

Top Loaders

If you have a top loading machine, start by selecting a hot wash cycle and let the machine fill up. Pause the cycle to add 3 cups of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda. Allow the washing machine to agitate enough to mix, then pause the machine again for an hour. This allows the cleaning process to occur. You are then ready to let the machine complete its wash cycle.

Front Loaders

The process is slightly different with a front loading machine. You still fill with hot water. Using 500 ml of bleach as the cleaning agent, add it through the dispenser. By doing this, the bleach will mix with the hot water in the machine and you can leave the machine to finish its wash cycle.

When the washing machine has stopped you simply need to finish the job by wiping all surfaces, including dispensers, under the lid on a top loader and around rubber door seals on a front loader.

Fortunately there are steps you can take to reduce further odour build up. Removing wet clothes soon after the cycle ends will definitely help as will leaving the lid up or the door open. This allows air to circulate and dry out the machine. Both of these steps will significantly reduce the risk of mould or mildew build up. After all you are probably busy and would prefer not to have to repeat the process of cleaning the inside of your washing machine more often than you have to.

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