How to Keep Your House Clean

It’s important to keep your house clean and tidy in-between your regular weekly/fortnightly clean. Not only does it create an orderly and healthy environment to live in but it means your regular cleaner will need to spend less time tidying when they come in.

Have a cleaning routine

The key is to have a routine. Start with basic things like making the beds every morning, picking up clothes off the floor and folding them and putting them away.

Start and end each day with a clean kitchen

The kitchen is often the hub of the home and where the family spends a lot of time. There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning to make breakfast and being faced with a benchtop loaded with dirty dishes, let alone a sink full.

After every meal, stack the dishwasher or wash the dishes and lightly wipe down the stove top and benches so the kitchen is clean when you next go to prepare a meal. It’s also a good idea to mop the kitchen floor every day as this is an area that can get grubby fast.

A great tip to keep on top of grime around the kitchen sink and taps is to wipe them down with white vinegar – it’s fast, cheap and very effective!

Have a daily cleaning schedule

If you know what you need to clean each day, then you’ll waste less time thinking or stressing about it. Often it’s better to schedule cleaning chores when the kids are at school or family members out of the house, so try and set aside an hour each day when you have the house to yourself.

Keep your bathroom clean

A comprehensive bathroom clean should be done at least once a week however you can keep your bathroom in a manageable state by rinsing the shower or bath with hot water after use, drying the floor so water doesn’t sit in the tile grooves after showering and wiping the basin after brushing your teeth.

A handy tip is to use bathroom products that you can simply spray on and leave. They are excellent for killing mould spores and lifting grime making it much easier to simply wipe the surfaces down after use.

Stay on top of things

Regular tasks like dusting and vacuuming can be done once a week however if you notice dirt or mud on the carpet then don’t just leave it. Try and attend to mishaps straight away so they don’t cause damage to the carpet or get transferred from one room to another.

Tidy on a daily basis

Keeping your home uncluttered is something most of us struggle with. If you know where items ‘live’ then spend time each day putting them back in the right place rather than leaving things lying around. It’s important to maintain an orderly home for everyone’s peace of mind so staying on top of tidying is probably the most effective way to keep your house looking good.

Leave the larger tasks to a professional cleaner

There are some tasks like cleaning the oven or the doors and windows that are time consuming so if you have a regular cleaner, it’s best to ask them whether they can do these for you. If not, then you should plan ahead and set aside at least half day to tackle them. Make sure you have all the cleaning products you’ll need handy as this will save you time and stress once you get stuck in.

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