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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers.

What if I’m not completely satisfied with the service?

All members of SelectCleaning Auckland stand by their work. If you are not completely happy, we want to know. Simply contact your cleaner within 24 hours and they will return to put it right.

This is at no cost to you.

Will I have the same cleaner every time?

Since you are entrusting someone to be in your home, possibly when you are not there, it is important that you know who it will be. We can guarantee that you will have the same cleaner every week or fortnight.

In the unlikely event that a change of cleaner ever became necessary, you can be assured that you would be consulted first.

Do I need to supply any cleaning equipment?

In order to ensure a high quality service to our customers, each Select cleaner carries a complete set of house cleaning equipment and products. As professionals, we know what is required to get the job done to your satisfaction. However, if you would prefer to supply your cleaner with a different product, they will be happy to use it instead.

What if I want extra tasks done?

Your regular cleaner will be happy to oblige should you require any additional tasks to be done.
For example, you might want the inside of your oven cleaned. Just ask your cleaner for a separate quote to cover this.

How do I pay?

We have 2 easy payment options. Most of our customers find Internet banking very convenient.

However, some are more comfortable to leave a cheque made out to SelectCleaning on the day of the service.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my cleaner?

Your cleaner will want to provide you with a thorough, detailed clean. In order to do this, they will need to be able to access all surfaces that need to be cleaned. That way they can give you the best results.

Does SelectCleaning provide a one-off service?

Our focus is exclusively on providing a consistently high quality, regular weekly or fortnightly service. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a one-off service.

Do I need to provide my cleaner with a key?

This is entirely your decision - there is no obligation to do so. We find that many customers do choose to provide their cleaner with a key because they see it as a safer option than hiding a key. However, we can work with either arrangement.

How do I know that my possessions will be safe?

For your protection, every one of our team has been through a careful selection process and security check, meaning that we can vouch for all of our cleaners. In addtion, we follow procedures to keep you and your possessions safe, such as locking the door while we are working in a customer's house. For added protection, no customer's key is ever labelled with the customer's name and address on it.

What will it cost to clean my home?

To customise a price to fit your own specific requirements, we are happy to come out to your home to provide you with a written quotation. This will give you a price tailored to your needs. Our personalised approach of doing an on-site quotation avoids the need to build unneccessary fat into your price -  a practice often adopted by companies who give "a place unseen" quote.

Will my cleaner always come on the same day?

We are able to offer you a reliable service with your clean on the same day of the week each time, giving you one less thing to worry about scheduling into your busy life.

What tasks can I expect to be done on each clean?

At SelectCleaning we don't believe in taking short cuts so you can expect to receive a very thorough maintenance clean for your home.

Firstly, we remove any cobsebs and then we dust all horizontal surfaces - not forgetting to remove any finger marks from door handles and light switches, as well as any mould from windowsills. All visible kitchen surfaces are cleaned plus the inside of your microwave. Bathroms are hygienically cleaned. Lastly we vacuum all the floors before mopping hard floor surfaces.

Of course you can request other tasks to be included in your quotation so please let us know what you require.

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Relax. We can provide a stress–free solution to your home cleaning needs

Thorough cleaning with attention to detail

We understand that you need a cleaner you can rely on to meet your expectations, every clean. As home cleaning specialists we know the importance of attention to detail. We remember the little things that make all the difference.

For example, our customers appreciate our efforts to put their items carefully back in their original position when we’ve cleaned. You can expect your taps to be polished until they shine. And yes, we do make sure we get the mop right into the corners of the kitchen floor.

Dependable service with the same regular cleaner

You can be assured of the same cleaner every time. They will quickly become familiar with your home and how you like things done. Before they arrive at your house you have the peace of mind of knowing that your cleaner has passed a careful selection process, a thorough security check, and our detailed training programme. That way your home is in good hands.

How can you be sure that your cleaner is fully committed to taking care of your home?

As an owner- operator your Select cleaner has every reason to provide you with the best possible standard of service.

Quality service still at an affordable price

Our aim is to provide you with value for money and a competitive price. We are able to do this since we already clean for customers in your area.

You can choose either our regular weekly or fortnightly service to suit your needs and your budget.

You have the certainty of knowing that you will pay the same affordable price every time.

We follow strict hygiene procedures

Every one of our cleaners is committed to adhering to our very specific hygiene procedures.

As examples of this, bathroom cleaning equipment is never used elsewhere in the house. Our use of colour coded cloths for different parts of the house gives you added protection and only fresh cloths are used to clean every customer’s home.

What are our customers saying?

“They are fantastic. Totally trustworthy. They are the best cleaners I have ever had. They always go the extra mile. Wouldn’t be without them. Lifesavers."

Carol and Peter – St Heliers

“Very polite and respectful of property. Fit in with my family routines. Always do a fantastic job better than I can. Frees up my time and makes my life more pleasant. 100% dependable and reliable. No problem with security – very trustworthy.”

Rachael – Mt Albert

“Always reliable, security not an issue – I have total trust in them. Always consistent with quality. I am really busy working full time with two children – it means weekends are free."

Michelle – Kingsland

“They are really reliable and totally honest. Extremely trustworthy – I have total trust in them. It is a huge stress relief for me as I am studying and working. Just love having them.”

Joanna – Blockhouse Bay

“Great quality cleaning, really consistent. Very accommodating with my lifestyle. Happy to do extra services like windows and oven. Communication is outstanding. I now have free time and don’t have to worry about having to make time to clean. Makes life easy.”

Sandra – Mt Albert

“Very reliable, always on time. Love having a cleaner, it frees up my time, makes my life less stressful. Great attention to detail, very trustworthy. They are very happy to accommodate changes with my family timetables. Always respond to my requests in the communication book.”

Lee – One Tree Hill

"Consistently good service. Great communication and very accommodating. I travel away a lot and my husband works long hours so I don’t really have time to clean. Great to know I have a clean home to come back to.”

Jacqueline – Point Chevalier

“I have found the service to be reliable, efficient and friendly. They have good attention to detail. I highly recommend their service.”

Jennifer – Mt Albert

Lovely girls very friendly, professional. Do a great job. Makes my life much easier with two young children.

Liz - Torbay

So glad to have cleaners. Very friendly and polite get on with the job and do a great job. I am getting too old and finding housework difficult it is making my life easier

Susan - Northcote

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